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The Liga action from Matchday 2 brought the kind of drama many expected after seeing Matchday 1. There was an overflow of emotion from many players and fans as momentum swung from team to team, and the tide of different games turned. We saw shocks, comebacks and a barrage of goals. What a matchday!

The day started with a game that typified a momentum swing like no other. Citizens, who had never won their opening game of the season (it was their own first game of the season), were up against new boys Alimosho FC who lost their first game 3-1 in the Male Liga. Citizens started brightly, playing some delightful football while racing into an early lead. They looked well in control until the end of the first half approached. Alimosho FC made a first-half substitution that completely changed the game and turned it on its head. By the end of the game, it was a 2-1 win for Alimosho FC who were helped by a goalkeeping howler by the Citizens goalkeeper, Duwem. On the balance of things, however, it was a deserved victory.

The Alimosho victory set the theme for the entire day’s action. History kept repeating itself following the extension of Citizen’s opening game hoodoo. The inability of The Guns FC to end their winless streak against The Cubs FC was a classic example of this. Hard as they tried, they could only come away with a 1-2 defeat in a game where they threw everything at Cubs. Defending champions Dannaz FC conceded a late equaliser to All Black FC as they did on Matchday 1. Just like it happened that day, it was a penalty conceded with one minute left in stoppage time.

Again, history repeated itself in the game between Royals FC and Raineri Ghosts as Royals clawed a draw at the death with a late, late equaliser. That already happened on Matchday 1 when they got a last minute equaliser against Dannaz FC. Matchday 2 was just that kind of day.

The two Female Liga games delivered complete entertainment and drama despite the lack of goals. Two teams who won their first games faced off in a game that many had earmarked as the game of the matchday. It was Alimosho Ladies against Dannaz Ladies. Predictably, it was a tough game between two evenly matched sides. The drama came when Dannaz star, Blessing Emefile, had the opportunity to give her the lead through a penalty. She went right with a fierce shot but the Alimosho goalie was up to it, making a spectacular save. In the end, it finished goalless with the fans applauding a sensational game.

The other game was between Knights Ladies and Saints Ladies, two teams who were desperate for points after losing their opening games. The Knights Ladies got a late goal that earned them a slim 1-0 win.

Perhaps, the real star of the day was referee Ruth Okafor who delivered a sensational performance on the day. She was placed in charge of three games and everyone seemed to be spellbound by her performance.

She was lively and animated but completely in control. Players barely contested any decisions too as she clearly got every decision spot on. In the end, when she blew the final whistle in the last game she officiated, she walked away with her head held high and to the adulation of the players and fans.

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