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Remember – One of the least risky bets to play, in terms of odds accumulated and number of picks, is the ‘double your money’ bet and the real risk is in the amount you put in. For you to really enjoy this kind of bet, you need to put in a solid amount of money so the returns are significant. In this case, we are going for a triple your money bet, mainly because these picks look like bankers.

We have 5 games for you today, games that one would reasonably expect to come through. Four of the five games are home games. Obviously, with fans not allowed because of COVID, home games count for a lot less nowadays. However, with the kind of teams that we have on the picks today, it really does matter. The only away pick is Bayern, a team that must still be angry about dropping points last week. Expect some fire from them this week.

Anyway, these games are so straightforward that explanations aren’t really required for the picks. Once you see them, you will automatically know why they are safe picks and why going for them makes sense. Without further ado, let us get right to it. Below are the picks:

  1. Dortmund vs Cologne – 1
  2. RB Leipzig vs Arminia Bielefeld – 1
  3. Stuttgart vs Bayern – 2
  4. Real Madrid vs Alaves – 1
  5. PSG vs Bordeaux – 1

You know what to do! Go get that money.

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