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Remember – One of the least risky bets to play, in terms of odds accumulated and number of picks, is the ‘double your money’ bet and the real risk is in the amount you put in. For you to really enjoy this kind of bet, you need to put a solid amount of money so the returns are significant.

We present you 2 simple picks that you can play today to double your money.  They are quite reasonable so you should try them.

Pick One: Montpellier vs Lyon – Over 1.5

Yes, I know it is Ligue 1 and they typically don’t score a lot of goals there. Add to that, Lyon’s previous game ended 0-0. But that was against Bordeaux, who have now kept three straight clean sheets. Also, they could easily have scored. They had 9 shots inside the box and actually hit the post. Meanwhile, Montpellier’s two games so far this season have seen 3 and 4 goals respectively, both GG. Only one of the last 6 games in this fixture has been under 1.5. Expect fireworks, especially with the level that the Montpellier attackers have shown. Go for it.

Pick Two: Pergolettese vs Atalanta – Over 2.5

Yes, it is a friendly match and that adds a little risk as unlimited subs constantly change line-ups and all that. I know. But it is still Atalanta, and if there’s anything they do regardless of personnel on the pitch or their chemistry, it is to score.  Pergolettese are a 3rd tier club and will surely give up a few goals. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect 3 or 4 goals in this game, at least. Stop overthinking. Go for it.

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