Our social media is constantly filled with SociaLiga fans, coaches, players and ex –players arguing about who the best striker/defender/goalkeeper is in SociaLiga history. So we decided to step in and run the official social media poll where all the members of our community can stop arguing and vote instead! The nominees for each category were determined by an impartial council of elders.

After a month, over a thousand votes cast, some wild upsets, a lot of recency bias and passionate campaign speeches by supporters, we present to you the SociaLiga Ultimate team made up of the “Best Players in every position in SociaLiga History” according to our fans. Argument officially over!

Goalkeeper – Adewale Francis (Saints FC)

In the race for the title of the best Goalkeeper in SociaLiga History, the elders selected Adewale Francis (Saints FC), Babalola Dolapo (Saints FC) and Ebuka Enoch (Dannaz FC) as candidates for the crown. This race was an incredibly tight two horse race between relative newcomer Ebuka and SociaLiga legend Adewale. Ebuka took an early commanding lead especially with Instagram voters but the unflappable Adewale dove into the first place with a late rally.

Defender – Olamiji Farouq (Saints FC)

The race for the title of “the best defender in SociaLiga History” was a complete Saints FC party featuring SociaLiga legend Bomba facing off against Miji and Clever Orlu with Knights FC Samson Okoh the only non-saints player selected. The Council of Elders had money on Bomba taking the title but Miji triumphed with 35% of the fan votes. A deserved champion.

Central Midfielder – Somide Martins (Citizens FC)

This contest was a perfect example of recency bias of SociaLiga fans conquering all!
Somide Martins, the Citizens FC star with the magical left foot faced off against SociaLiga titans Ibaru Kunle (Saints FC), Bashiru Fatai (Dannaz FC) and Victor Eneji (Saints FC) and absolutely blasted his way to victory like one of his classic top corner free kicks with an overwhelming with 54% of the votes! Martins is “the Best Midfielder in SociaLiga history” and according to the fans, it wasn’t even a contest!

Striker – Emmanuel “Nuel” Eze (Royals FC)

The ultimate battle of SociaLiga titans. There could be no wrong choice in this category with the council of selecting former Royals FC star and record breaker Nuel against goal machines Obakimi (Dannaz FC) and Olisemekah (Raineri FC). If recency bias helped Somide grab his title then nostalgia played a part with Nuel as his one record breaking season edged him over the ever consistent Obakimi and Olisemekah.

There you have it! The best player in every position in SociaLiga history. What do you think? Who did the council of elders omit? Were they bribed by Saint FC? Let us know in the replies!

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