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Are you the best at FIFA?

We have got some socialising for you from a distance!

I love playing FIFA. In fact I am 99.9% sure I am the best FIFA player in Nigeria. Maybe even the world! And now thanks to ALAT and SociaLiga I get to prove it. ALAT X SociaLiga have decided to save lives during this lockdown by hosting the ALAT X SociaLiga FIFA Championship. You get to compete for free against the best FIFA players around the country for bragging rights as the “Undisputed King of FIFA”. THERE IS LITERALLY NO RISK ONLY REWARD!

But you have to sign up ASAP, there are only 32 Slots Available and it starts in TWO DAYS! Sign up now on

P.S: Even though signup is free, you must have a PSN ID to qualify.

Still on the fence about signing up? Here’s a couple of answers to questions you’ve probably already asked yourself.

Who is the tournament for?
It’s for you! The FIFA god who has gotten bored beating all his friends and needs a new challenge. So sign up and stand a chance to actually hold the title of the ALAT X SociaLiga FIFA Championship King or Queen sef because the ladies are welcome too

Or if you’re just bored out of your mind staying indoors because of the Coronavirus, you should sign up for the tournament! Worst case scenario, you distract yourself for a couple of hours. Best case, you win!

How long will it last?
Once registration is completed, the tournament will run for a week.

What is a PSN ID?
Simply put, your PSN ID is your Identification (or username) for the PlayStation Network. It is your unique public display username for your Sony Entertainment Network Account.

The PSN ID is what other users will see when playing online. Here’s a more detailed breakdown directly from PlayStation’s site: Information about your Online ID.

And that’s it! Go sign up now and I can’t wait to destroy you on FIFA!

Stay Strong. Stay Home. Stay Safe.
We gonna beat this virus.

Tunde from SociaLiga.

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