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One of the main signs of a mentally weak team is constantly blowing leads or coming close to that. With Spurs recently, it seems that they keep having situations where they just can’t close out a game. Not just that but also a propensity to make mistakes leading to chances or goals conceded. Again, it keeps happening.

When Jose Mourinho was hired, it was said that he would be the one to fix their mentality issues because, of course, he’s a winner who has been in charge of some of the toughest, most resilient squads in recent history. Since then, Spurs have consistently conceded goals to individual errors, again and again, a sign of some mental fragility, an inability to keep their composure when under pressure. The ability to deal with pressure and keep composure is one of the attributes of top sides who are mentally excellent. Unfortunately, it’s just not happening for Spurs.

Once again, the famous words of Giorgio Chiellini ring true. In his post-match talk after Juventus knocked Spurs out at White Hart Lane some years ago, despite Spurs originally having the advantage and on their way to the next round, he talked about the fact that mental weakness is an attribute they already knew would be a problem for Tottenham. He was speaking candidly, especially with his limited English vocabulary, but it came off as funny, true, and slightly disrespectful. Once again, during the weekend, those words were quoted again and again as a Spurs side which took a 3-0 before the 20th minute against West Ham blew it all in the final 10 minutes.

It takes a lot of mental fragility to blow a big lead like that quickly. The other day, they conceded a last-minute penalty against a Newcastle side that hadn’t even bothered to show up. And this was after missing chance after chance to close out the game. One suspects that this collapse would be more devastating for them when piled onto the previous one. It is also to be seen how much this will affect them and if they have it in them to not panic the next time it starts to look like one of those days when leads are blown.

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