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After a review of the incident which occurred on Matchday 2 (25th May, 2019) between All Black FC team owner, Obinna Nwoye and the fourth official, The Football League has decided the following:

Obinna Nwoye shall be fined Ten Thousand Naira for his verbal attack of the match official and his use of expletives in the process.

Although the referee Ibrahim Taiye has issued an apology to The SociaLiga and All Black, The Football League has formally informed the Lagos State Referee Council he not be allowed to officiate The SociaLiga games for a period of 3 months for his verbal attack (and use of expletives) at All Black owner, Obinna Nwoye as well as for his overall poor conduct. The Football League has asked that this be dealt with by the Referees Council as their guidelines permit.

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