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#aFewThings You Need On Your Next Trip

Travelling is fun especially when you have some cash to spare and a few friends to embark on that journey with. Well, now that you have made up your mind to travel, looking stylish yet comfortable while on your trip should be foremost on your mind. In other to do this and still stand out, here are #aFewThings you need!

Image: @myRedBoxx
A Stylish Ankara Suitcase

If you travel by air, you would have realised that sometimes you pick up the wrong bag just because it looks like yours. With the Ankara suitcase, there is no mistaking which bag is yours and you save yourself some time. if you are the type that just wants to pickup and move on, then we got something to cater to that too.

Ankara Footwear

If you are not a celebrity, there is no need to be going about town in the highest of heels. Except, of course, there is a party somewhere. The best way to be comfortable while looking as stylish AF is to pull out your comfy Ankara footwear.

Ankara Backpack

Going about town means having all your essentials with you in one place. Truth be told, sometimes the handbag doesn’t cut it. This is where your backpack comes to play.

The Uber Stylish Squad

Like we said earlier, a trip is more fun with friends. And it is even more interesting when you have a stylish squad. This means you can pepper them on the gram! This is the best time to get your squad in formation.

All in all, look good, feel good, do good and be good.

All images are used with permission from RedBoxxDesigns.
Twitter: @myredboxx
Instagram: @myredboxx

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