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#aFewThings You Need For Beach Day

Before the rains, Lagos was so hot at some point that we all thought the gates of hell had been left open. Even with the rains, it is still very hot. Hot days means finding the time to cool off and where better to do so if not at the beach. When going to the beach to chill, you are not expected to wear a suit or Agbada. You want to opt for the lightest of outfits that would let the breeze caress your skin in the process so that you can cool off wella! If the beach is your thing, then you need these tips!

The Maxi Skirt

There is something about the maxi skirt that gives off a look of elegance. You can decide to show off some skin with the addition of a slit to the length you are comfortable with. Make sure you go for lightweight fabric like this Ankara maxi.

A Floral Mini Dress

Floral dresses have a summery vibe to them and summertime is when the beach is usually packed full as temperatures have increased. With this heat, we might as well be experiencing our own summer. The floral mini dress with a cold shoulder is the perfect combination!

Shorts & Matching Shirts

For the guys, this is the time to show off your legs by bringing out those shorts. Pair this with a matching shirt and you are good to go. You can ditch the shirt too, if you are bold enough.

A few more things

Whatever you decide, do not forget to pack sunscreen and a hat or stay in a well-shaded area to avoid sunburns.

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