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TGIF! Yes, it’s Friday and you want to go out with friends for drinks and maybe hit the club later. As a lady, you have to be careful about how you dress so you are not mistaken for one of the ladies of the night.

Going to the club does not necessarily mean you have to expose so much skin. You can still be covered up and look every bit as sexy whilst commanding respect from the people you meet.

Here a few looks you should emulate

1. The White Set

White is always sweet for a dress. To many, white is the best! Nothing can beat it and looking at Marii here you cant help but agree abi? Let keep going, she is going to definitely wow you.

A lot of people have qualms about wearing white, myself included. However, this two-piece is just as elegant as it is stunning. The sheer top is everything! It covers you up while still showing a lot.

2. The Catsuit

Not everyone can pull off a catsuit. You’ve gotta have curves in the right places. The look is sexy yet no skin is out. Leave them imagining!

3. Glow In The Dark!

It’s nighttime already. Why wear darker clothes when you can stand out in neon lemon? Show them that you are here to party!

4. A Ruched Dress

Ruched dresses are all the rave right now. Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Toke Makinwa who have constantly put this look on our radar. So why not opt for a mini version and rock away!

5. Denim All The Way!

By denim, I do not mean just pants. A denim jumpsuit is a trendy and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Throw on a denim jacket just in case you get cold later on.

Let’s do a recap of your options again.

Photos : All photos here are of and from Marii Pazz.

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