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Since the pandemic started and Nigeria has gone in and come out of lockdown, a lot of Nigerians (including us) have, in a search for something to to keep them occupied, picked up exercising at home! Now if you’re an exercise nut, you’ve probably heard of Chloe Ting. If you haven’t, she is a fitness YouTuber who has gone viral with her FREE exercise packages a. That’s right, awoof. But this doesn’t make them any easier.

We tested out her routine and came up with a list of ways you can hack her intense workouts. So if you still think you’re bad and you still want to try these workouts or you’ve been trying them and you don’t think you’re doing it right, here’s 8 things you need to know:

1. You might need a partner

Because you need someone to drag you up when you’re enjoying your sweet morning sleep to workout, especially in the harder days when you’ve lost motivation. Get your sibling or friends or anyone really to join you in this challenge. Trust me!

2. The music will piss you off

You will begin to associate the music in those videos with pain and suffering. Just prepare your mind oh, because every time you feel pain in your life you will hear those songs in your head.

3. Watch what you eat

If you finish 30-45 minutes of Chloe Ting and download 1k amala right after, you will not see as many changes as you hope to see. You better jazz up! Eating eba at 2am and hoping to have zero waist? I am looking respectfully.

4. You must not use the exact time frame in her videos to complete the workouts.

That’s right! Because she says 2 weeks doesn’t mean you should come and go and die. If you need more rest days for your body, please take it. This life na one!

5. Hydrate

Drink as much water as you possibly can! Your body retains water and that is stored as water weight. So the more water you drink, the less you need to store it!

6. Your results may not reflect on the scale.

That’s right! Losing weight is very tricky and you can lose 1kg in those 2 weeks but 3 whole inches off your waist. Don’t stress about it, bodies are different, just keep going.

7. Check your form.

Watch her form and posture for each exercise. If you can’t do that exercise, move onto the next one but make sure your form is right to see the results faster.

8. Cardio/Warmup.

That’s right dear, you have to jog! But now that most gyms are reopening, you don’t even need to. You can use the treadmill or stairmaster, or even a jump rope as a warmup before you do the exercise to get the best results.

That’s all the tips we have for you. Remember that it’s not easy to be a hot girl/boy but consistency is key. You got this!

Here’s a link to her 2 week shred challenge if you want to try it out:

2 Weeks Shred Challenge – Free Workout Program

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