These are interesting times. It has not only fallen our lot to save the planet by staying at home, but it has also become our responsibility to keep our remote team as productive as possible as we work from home.

According to two Canadian professors, software won’t make or break the success of a remote team, but workers skills will. In other words, you – with your skills – will either make or mar the success of your team.

In their research, they highlighted 8 skills which are essential to success in a virtual workspace.


You need to be able to accurately and succinctly convey and interpret thoughts and ideas through digital messages. Share what you are doing, respond to others promptly, speak transparently and ask questions.


Self-motivation simply means you can’t wait around for your team lead to drop by with a new assignment, you need to identify what needs to be done and go for it. You should make it your job stay productive during work hours. You have to take initiative without being prompted or rewarded.


This is a very important skill as your team needs to be sure they can trust you to fulfil expectations without supervision. You can build trust with your team by delivering on the tasks assigned to you, carrying them along and working just as hard as they are working.


You need to be in control of your own time, tasks, and energy. You need to be fully responsible for your self-management. This is you being, in a way, your boss now. Lead yourself. Set your priorities and stay on your tasks.

Curiosity & Critical Thinking

Can you independently analyze, evaluate, and strategize an issue? Your ability to think intensely and independently will be a treasure to your team at this time. Critical thinking can be as simple as asking the right questions.


Can you adapt to and accurately prioritize the impact of changes? How readily will you come to terms with the new reality around you? Will you be resourceful and ingenious enough to use what’s available to you to make what’s desirable for your team?


It’s not just about you. You need to be alive to the people in your team – be fully aware and considerate of their feelings. Empathy is like a bond, it binds every other thing. Check up on your teammates, ask how they are doing. It’ll contribute to the success of your team.

Your team is counting on you! Have a productive week.

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