If you experience 2 out of these 5 signs, see you at the next SociaLiga nights. If adulting has shown you shege, free drinks on the house when you come around 🌚

Adulting is quite funny; one time, everything is rosy and the next you’re saying ‘God abeg o’. 5 mins ago, you were rich and now you’re broke because you sorted out a few bills.

It basically doesn’t wait for anyone, we are so caught in between getting a good job or being successful while trying to live our best lives, so much that we sometimes forget we need to catch a breath, have fun and re-strategize because this life is just one and if we don’t enjoy it now, when do we intend to?

Now, we know you are passionate about what you do and you always want to be at the top of your game. You need to be on everything all the time doesn’t mean you should. Normalize putting yourself first before anything else. Normalize adding breaks to your priority list.
We know it is often easier said than done which is why we have collated ways to know when to tap the pause button.

Here are 5 indicators that it’s time to unwind

1. You always put work before anything
This is quite evident but since you need someone to put it out there, we are telling you to rest. Resist putting yourself aside to get tasks done every time, else you’d burnout.
2. You’re constantly on the edge
If you find yourself pissed at things you normally wouldn’t get pissed at, then it’s a sign you need to relax. Sometimes, stress affects moods easily when it isn’t properly managed (lol, this explains why everyone in Lagos is angry).
3. You want to be alone more often
Well, it’s a good thing to have your alone time (it’s blissful, no caps) but, when it’s too much and you don’t want to participate in any social activities like SociaLiga Games Night, movies with friends and the likes, then you really need to take that break with friends.
4. You can’t focus
Your mind is everywhere, from meeting deadlines to sorting bills, and everything in between. How in God’s name can you be focused with a lot on your mind? So, yeah, that’s enough pointer you need to unwind.
5. Because you need to relax
Who doesn’t want to relax and be taken care of? You need to relax because you need to relax, period! plus you just cannot come and kill yourself after all 🤷🏾‍♀️

While adulting can come with important tasks and a lot on one’s mind, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the ‘life of your head’. Take a break and create fun moments, network and vibe as much as you can. SociaLiga nights is a good start, hope to see you there!

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