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It’s International Boyfriends Day but we’re very kind here at SociaLiga and we haven’t forgotten our single pringles. That’s right, we got you! Here are 5 things singletons can be thankful for today, against all odds:

You enjoy sleep a lot more

Yes o! You don’t have to worry about someone snoring or kicking you in your sleep because your bed is VERY empty. You are alone. So so so alone. So alone that you can stretch your legs and sleep as soundly as possible.

You don’t need to tell anyone where you are

The constant phone calls with “Where are you?” is not only a threat to your mental health but it’s also damned expensive. Wasting credit every day because you want to know my location? Are you the police?! Luckily for you, you have no texts, no dms, not even a WhatsApp bc. Congrats!

You do not need to worry about your wardrobe

Stolen shirts and hoodies? That’s not for you. The only time your clothes are getting stolen is in your hostel or maybe by your gateman.

It’s a chance to become financially responsible

You know you don’t have to save up for the birthday gifts, the anniversary gifts, the first kiss gifts, etc. When things like the PS5 drop, you’re never worried because if anything, you’re only buying for yourself. Twitter anon? For who? Please please. You are spending on no one and no one is spending on you.

You have time to get in touch with yourself

That’s right. When there’s no one calling or texting you and you’re wide awake at 2am, you know what to do. Some inner soul searching. No need to thank us jaare. What are we here for? 

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