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5 Terms You Should Be Able To Explain To A Five Year Old During This Period

Naturally, a child has a very curious mind and as such is always ready to ask questions and explore. With the current happenings all over the world it is expected that he or she will be confused as to why everyone is at home, sad or frustrated that he/she can’t see his/her friend and extended family or even worried that someone he/she loves will get sick.

As parents, guardians, caregivers and adults, it’s our responsibility to satisfy their curiosity, explain and give answers to their never ending questions in order to keep them safe and healthy. And as such we are going to be sharing five terms that should be explained to a child during this period.

Corona Virus- Nobody is too young to be sensitized and educated about the virus! Ask them what they want to know about the virus and I promise you that you’ll get a ton of questions like “where did it start? How does it spread?” An adult you should be able to explain and break down what the virus is, how the virus spreads, the symptoms and the safety measures to practice in order to prevent the spread of the virus. They are not too young to be privy to this kind of information because it goes a long way in keeping them safe and healthy.

Social Distancing- It’s hard enough for adults to truly understand what social distancing means and its importance, so how do you go about explaining it to a child who keeps asking why he or she can’t play with his or her friend? Children respond better when adults personify things that are difficult to understand. For example telling them “the bad guy (virus) can’t make us sick if we stay very far from people” will make them grasp the importance of social distancing. Therefore using simple languages and concepts makes it easier for them to process complicated terms.

Self Isolation- You have to let children understand what self-isolation is, the difference between social distancing and self isolation and the importance of self isolating. Especially if they are bound to come in contact with someone who recently travelled back from an area where the corona virus is known to be present.

Essential workers- Every child needs to know who these people are in order to appreciate them because they are the ones on the frontline in this war against the COVID-19 Pandemic. Asides that, if as a parent or guardian you’re an essential worker, they need to know and understand the reason why they cannot receive hugs from you like the used to when you come back from work or why they cannot be so close to you.

Quarantine – Explaining to children that the purpose of quarantine is to keep infected people away from healthy ones in order to prevent the virus from spreading is very important. You also need to let them understand that quarantine doesn’t have to be a scary thing and that it’s just a means of effectively protecting the healthy public from the infected ones. This is a major way to reduce their anxiety and to make them less worried.

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