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It is estimated that the jobs that will be in high demand, now and shortly, will be jobs for which competition will be global and will require technologies that perhaps are yet to be invented. To hold your own, you need to prepare for these uncertain times. So how do you begin to prepare for that future? Acquiring relevant skills is a great way to prepare.

Before you learn a new skill set, however, it is important that you consider certain factors. Skillsets that meet the criteria below are good skills to learn:
A skill set that has an immediate impact on your life, career or business.
A skill set that doesn’t take too long to learn
A skill set you can learn at your pace
A skill you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Here are 5 skills you can learn now:

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) augments the capabilities of the human workforce. The people who can harness the power of AI, machine learning and natural language processing are the ones who will help organizations deliver more relevant, personalized, and innovative products and services.

#2 Branding and Design

It seems like the average attention span of consumers decreases every year and they have little patience for products that aren’t intuitive. Organizations need more expertise to help them build more human-centric products and experiences. Businesses want people to pay attention to them, their content, their message, and their product. Learning how branding and design work will give you an advantage.

#3 Sales

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t need great salespeople—those who can effectively manage a sales team, understand the sales funnel, work with cross-functional partners, and sell into the highest levels of the business.

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#4 Video Production

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video content, so it makes sense that video production continues to be a priority for companies. Cisco estimates that video will account for 82% of global internet traffic in 2022.

#5 Coding

Coding is more like a mindset and will change the way you look at the world. It’s no surprise that being able to code will give you an advantage in the future. Even if you have no plans to become a coder, learning how to code will teach you so many things about how the world today works and how the future is being built. Every app, website, car, or piece of hardware that you use is powered by code.

So whether you want to learn a new skill set because times are hard and you need more sources of income or you just want to learn something new, these 5 skills above are very good options you can go with.

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