Friendship they say helps one live a better life, and can have a huge impact on your mental health and happiness, but it’s capable of being just as toxic as a romantic relationship (lf we are brutally honest, friendship is harder than a romantic relationship, but what do we know 🤷🏾‍♀️)

If after a random catch up with a friend you feel emotionally drained, or the thought of  hanging out with your friend(s) makes you exhausted. We are here to tell you that it’s time you drew boundaries- catching up ought to be fun, right? So why should it be emotionally draining when it’s not like you’re stressed

When you keep ignoring those toxic friendship traits and refuse to draw boundaries, you’re signing up for an unending cycle of emotional vampire that just keeps draining your energy

Truth is, when you’ve formed a deep connection with someone, it’s usually difficult to spot it and even when you do, you somehow become accepting of things that shouldn’t be normal. A friend shouldn’t unnecessarily pick at you or disrespect you in public, always tries to take attention from you, You shouldn’t always want you to go all out for someone who is unwilling to reciprocate the energy

Well, here are signs that your friendship might be going down the drain: 

1. They are never accountable

You call out their shortcomings but they’re never accountable. Your concerns are either dismissed or it’s met with excuses. 

2. They disrespect boundaries

Sometimes, it’s hard communicating your boundaries, but constant disrespect of boundaries is a no- no and when you try to bring it up, they dismiss it. Talmbot, ‘you’re overreacting’ 🙄 

3. They always need something from you
They keep taking from you, but would never be there when you need them the most. The friendship only benefits them, and when it doesn’t, they make you feel guilty
4. You can’t trust or rely on them
What really is the aim of having someone you can’t trust or rely on them when in dire need?
5. Unmatched energy
Unreciprocated energy is the saddest; you go all out trying to please them, and they make you feel like it’s never enough but wouldn’t lift a finger to reciprocate the same energy.
How to manage it:
Being in a toxic friendship hurts but here’s how to manage
  1. Have an honest conversation with them
  2. Set clear boundaries
    1. Put yourself first
    2. Minimize the energy you invest into it
    3. Quit trying to please others
    4. Re-evaluate your values
    5. Keep your distance
  3. Maybe you should walk out

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