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From foreign objects in their food to time wasted, five Nigerians shared their experiences at restaurants that made them never want to dine out again.


Got to this restaurant, waiting to be attended to and then Jim Iyke walked in. For the next hour, the staff was just focused on making sure he was extremely comfortable and forgetting there were other very hungry people, like me, to attend to. They were all like “Sir, do you want anything else?” Hello, I don’t have anything here!


I got to this place in Ikeja(I won’t call names) with my cousin and it took about 45 minutes for the waiter to even get to us. Finally, I placed an order for Jollof and a side of wings. After an additional 30 minutes, the babe came with the Jollof and no wings! Imagine?! I asked her and she told me that I didn’t place an order for wings and that she can’t go back to get it from the kitchen because it’s late and she’s going home. LOL! Just imagine.


I went on a date with this guy I just met to this new place that just opened. We got our orders taken. Halfway through, in the middle of a conversation, my chair broke. BROKE! On a date! I was so embarrassed, I just had to leave. I did not even care about the food.


I ordered a burger at this very popular burger place in Lagos. I always cut burgers in half before I eat and upon cutting this particular one, I also cut the insect inside in half. LOL! I screamed. I thought stuff like this only happened in movies. They offered to replace it but I just wanted a refund abeg.


I took someone out on a date once and it started raining while we were eating which seems fine considering we’re inside, right? WRONG! We were having a peaceful meal, next thing tam tam on my date’s head. The roof was leaking. We couldn’t switch seats because the place was full so we had to sit through it. A traumatic experience but we’ve been together ever since so I guess it was worth it!

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