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One of the least risky bets to play, in terms of odds accumulated and number of picks, is the ‘double your money’ bet. Of course, the real risk is in the amount you put in. For you to really enjoy this kind of bet, you need to put a solid amount of money so the returns are significant.

With all bets, there are risks. You cannot avoid that. If you think this is worth that risk, then let’s get right to it. I have four picks for you today that make up at least 2 odds. I have decided to go for the more reliable teams and the picks are based on form since lockdown was lifted and football returned.

Pick One: Crystal Palace vs Man United – Over 1.5

Every Man United game since football returned has seen at least 2 goals scored by both teams combined. In fact, only one of their games has had 2 goals. Every other game has had 3 or more goals. Their last game had 4 goals. It is, therefore, reasonable to expect them to have another Over 1.5 game. Even though Over 2.5 is tempting since their last 5 games have been Over 2.5, it’s better to go for the safer option of Over 1.5. Go for it.

Pick Two: Barcelona vs Osasuna – 1 (Barcelona straight win)

Barcelona are hoping to capitalise on any Madrid slip-up today against Villarreal who are in the race for Europa League qualification. They know they have to do their part by beating Osasuna. They’ve won their last 3 games and have been very cautious recently. Osasuna are safe in mid-table and don’t have anything to play for anymore. Expect a straightforward win for Barcelona. It’s a reasonably low risk bet. Go for it.

Pick Three: SPAL vs Inter – Over 1.5

Inter are still alive in the title race and come up against the worst team in the league. SPAL have conceded at least 2 goals in their last 5 games while all Inter games since football returned have had at least 3 goals in them. One can easily go for an Over 2.5 here but football is still quite unpredictable. There’s no need to push the risk. An Over 1.5 bet is a reasonable low risk bet here and should come through fairly easily. Go for it.

Pick Four: Real Sociedad vs Sevilla – Over 1.5

Real Sociedad are trying to save what’s left of their season and make it into the Europa League while Sevilla, who have confirmed CL qualification, would be trying to finish 3rd, ahead of Atletico. Atleti face Getafe away, a team also battling with Sociedad for a Europa League spot. So there’s a lot at stake in this game. 5 of Sevilla’s last 6 games have seen at least 2 goals while Sociedad’s last 5 games have all ended with 2 or more goals scored, with 4 of those 5 games seeing at least 3 goals. An Over 1.5 bet seems reasonable and low risk. Go for it.

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