In this day and age, people want equal relationships. We want to be treated fairly and share the responsibilities of our relationships. But are we willing to agree to the 50/50 rule?

The 50/50 rule implies that each person gives the exact same amount of themselves—fully. Would you be willing to try this out? Do you think this would work in your relationship? What is your take on this?The 50/50 Rule In Relationships - What's Your Take?

In my opinion, I would say no to this rule. Yes, we ought to share the responsibilities that come with a relationship but do I want to pay half the rent especially if we have equal pay? Well… maybe not. I feel like this rule usually implies that you are keeping score of deeds you’ve done vs. deeds your partner has done. This in itself is tiring!

It is my belief that some of the tasks or deeds simply in a relationship cannot be done by one person alone. So, there is no need to keep track of specifics. If you agree that you two are in a relationship, then it is completely normal to occasionally “take one for the team.” Each person has to pull their weight how they know best to keep the relationship flowing smoothly.

Watch and share your thoughts on the 50/50 rule below

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