As a vendor at SociaLiga events your business is positively exposed to various forms of publicity ranging from social media, direct interaction with our fans and also referrals to our numerous partners. This is guaranteed through the combined influence of at least 10 football teams (minimum of 6 matches on game days), our unrivaled social media reach (trend status in Lagos) and other side attractions going on simultaneously in one location. The SociaLiga has also developed various strategies which will ensure that the average attendance of 1,000 witnessed in our first season grows to a minimum 2,000 which will in turn lead to the positive and profitable growth of all the brands associated with us. The SociaLiga invites you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be a vendor at any or all of our events. By filling this “Form“, you have agreed to the conditions in the “SociaLiga Vendor Contracts

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