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As a vendor at the SociaLiga events, your business is open to more social media exposure. With the combined influence of at least 10 football teams, the Socialiga social media reach is quite impressive, and you can rest assured that publicity for your business will be equally impressive. At the events, vendors have the opportunity to interact with at least 2000 physical people. Because we appreciate how important you are, this season our vendors will be given ad spaces on our official website, as well as listings on our "shop" page. You are encouraged to provide all pertinent information in order to have your wares advertised and ordered via the Socialiga website. So now, not only do you get to sell your business at the event, you also get to sell before the event! With the added benefits of Networking and the chance to create business opportunities with SociaLiga partners, SociaLiga invites you to consider and take advantage of the opportunity to be a vendor at our events.

For further enquiries; send an email to [email protected]

Download and read our vendor agreement here.

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