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Thank God It’s Pepsi

Our games are always colourful – the grass is green, the jerseys of players are popping as they run around on the field, spectators are trooping in in all fashion of attires, food and drinks are everywhere – adding savoury colour to everything else. Sometimes, we just step back for a bit, look at it all, and say “Thank God it’s Pepsi!” (You know, ‘cause it’s not Friday, it’s Saturday and Pepsi got our back all day!)

Pepsi is all about the pop culture and getting refreshed – the kind of refresh that ends with a smile on your face, and the zeal to have some more fun! Don’t believe us? Ask her!

With Pepsi, “Now is alive, fun and fearless. Now is refreshing. Now is epic!”

Did you miss out on getting a bottle of Pepsi all to yourself as you cheered to an exciting game of football, while making new friends? Follow us on Instagram – @thesocialiga for updates on the next match day.

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