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Take All My Money: the Vendors I will ‘Manya’ for at SociaLiga

GRILL BROTHERS: See I am a ‘Turkey over Chicken’ type of girl, anytime, any day. But I always end up regretting my decision when I am met with more bone than Turkey or worse; white unseasoned inside of Turkey, I always want to cry.

But you see this ‘Grill brothers’, Oh God! I’m even hungry thinking about their Turkey, its crunchy and golden on the outside, the inside is now juicy soft and well seasoned, like you would hold that dripping juicy goodness in your hand take a big bite and your teeth will not jam bone for a while… Like a long while! ‘Grill Brothers’!! Take all my money ooo!!!

I am coming for you and your yummy Turkey and crunchy Fries by the side, if I get too excited I might end up with Chicken too, my account balance is crying reading this already, but guess what? It’s less than N2,000 so calm down. (Well except Buhari economy has caused Change)

*Look out for the guy in the Danshiki Grilling*









COCKTAILVILLENCHOPS: The only thing worse than Cold small chops is actually Cold Small Chops. I kid you not; do not bring cold Puff-Puff my way except you’re a serial killer. (Next article should probably be ‘How To Spot Serial Killers By Their Eating Habits’).

For some reason, I’ve never bought cold small chops from them, I don’t know how they do it but it’s always the right type of warm, not too hot that it burns you, just warm enough to eat, and the best part of their pack? The chicken, I am not big on chicken but I always want more after I eat it, I use to save my chicken for the last so I can savour the flavour in my mouth before I move on to the next vendor; but one time someone (who clearly lacks home training) based out of the pack and took my chicken, so now I eat it first.





SHARWAMA PLACE: This is a tip from me to you, listen carefully, the moment you get to SociaLiga, quietly look for Sharwama Place, walk up to them and collect a number on the queue (there’s always a queue), see if you know what is good for you, just stand there; wait for your Sharwama, fight for greatness because it’s a war front! Only the determined walk out with a smile and a Juicy Shawarma! Or 2! Two is a myth. You can never get 2, trust me I have tried. Severally!

Because, the queue, LOL. Your friend will sly you, they will say they are collecting your Sharwama for you and eat it and give you back your money. Yes it is that good. Don’t play yourself.


‘Don’t be the guy on the left, be the girl on the right’:

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