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Take a break, You might feel like a woman again

I didn’t care for her face

We knew what we were here for

Gently i stripped..each cloth went on the hanger

I tried to be a little sexier

Hoping she would think about my little strip teaser long after i have left

I wasn’t sure What to expect…

But i was told i would feel like a woman again

I felt the heat of the towel.. the first sensation..

Slowly her hands worked.. up..down..

The smell of the oil filled the room

I feel my body begging

Her hands worked.. left..right

My breast whispered

I begged her silently. “TOUCH IT. PLEASE”

But she knew what she had been paid for.

Her hands worked. Steady.. firm.

Love me i cried silently ..

Her hands worked… fast… Then slow…

I sang like a bird

I did know how to moan. I did

Her hands stopped.

“Do you want a Happy Ending” She whispered closely into my ears.

“I’m not Cinderella i would prefer a more realistic ending” i said.

“Your Session is over” her voice strict and profession…

Like she didn’t hear me whisper “I feel like a woman again”

They do not talk to me after … but she tapped me.

“Do you want to be loved” her face straight like we were discussing the weather

I nod. Weak from her touch.

I work here. If you want to be loved you have to come to where i live.

I knew she heard my body cry.


You might be in need of a spa day.. or love. Take a break. Relax.

Happy Monday

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