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Sunshine, Jameson Green Cups and Cocktails

Jameson at SociaLiga

What’s better than a red cup? A Jameson green cup!

Lady enjoying a Jameson cocktail

Like our lady here, if you are you into lollipops and some whiskey while you chill on a Jameson lounge chair – catching some fresh air, sunshine and meeting new people, then we got you!

SociaLiga partner, Jameson Whiskey in Nigeria sees to it that you have fun while you also drink responsibly during our matches.

Jameson alcohol chef at SociaLiga

See how serious our alcohol chef is? That’s ’cause he wants you to savour every sip!

Follow @thesocialiga on Instagram for updates on the next match day, and enjoy either a Jameson cocktail or free haircut… or both!

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