SociaLiga Xmas Picnic

On the 19th of December 2015, we will be holding our Welcome/Christmas picnic for fans and supporters of SociaLiga teams this will also double as a Pre-season tourney for some of the teams. This event will include side attractions including barbecue stands, video game competitions that will see the winner and two runners-up walk away with cash prizes.

The kids are not left out of the fun as Santa Claus (in the form of a very popular face) will be coming to town to give out gifts to deserving kids. There will be other attractions in the Fun area not limited to bouncy castles, ice cream stands, candy floss stands.

  • There will be a novelty match between the former players against the current players. (All Star v Newbies All Star).
  • Gboukzi as father Xmas, gifts for the kids, bouncy castles, ice cream, candy floss.
  • FIFA 16 (interested people should send e-mail to [email protected]), prize money 1st 30k, 2nd 20k,  3rd 10k.
  • Snooker, Table tennis.
  • Novelty match between the oldies. (All star vs Newbies all star).


This event has been put together because we care, and it is completely FREE.

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