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Need A New Job? Do These! (Pt. One)

Hey there! So a little birdie told us you’re fresh out and you need to get a new job ASAP; and YOU, we heard you’re tired of your old job and need to start afresh someplace else – we got a few tips for you, the both of you!

Let’s get into it…


You know we are all about goals here on SociaLiga; so the first thing you want to do is set realistic goals as to what kind of job you are looking for. Ask yourself questions about what you think you know how to do best; what problems are out there that you think you can solve with your skills, what is your purpose and passion – sometimes these do not relate with what you studied, and sometimes they do.

Just make sure you have clear-cut goals as this will help you narrow your job search.


Some people have really boring resumes that finding out they have remarkable skills is a huge surprise.

Highlight aspects of your career or studies that will stand out to potential employers. Make your resume result-oriented if you’re not new in the labour market.

There are sites online that help with templates for creative resumes; some of them also help review your current resume so you know where to adjust.



Whether you have decided to be a freelancer or a 9-5er, you can most definitely take your search online!

There are many platforms online that help job-seekers find jobs tailored for them. So you want to get on Instagram, Facebook groups, Twitter and even especially LinkedIn to get your job-hunt going.

We’ll be stopping here for now. Be sure to read our next post for more tips on getting that new job.

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