Mainland Conference All-Stars Voting [Starting XI]


Coach: Okpara Howard [@Howardie_5], Royals FC

James @Ray_jaymes Goal-Keeper Citizens FC
Babatunde Kuye @ibrahimkuye01 Goal-Keeper Royals FC
Wale Olorunnimbe @comodowales Central Defender Reds FC
Chiedu Eze @Chivaneze Central Defender Royals FC
Oriola @LordOreos_ Central Defender Citizens FC
Nkwopara Ifeanyi @Efarnyi Fullback Royals FC
David Anthony @its_dayvheed Fullback Royals FC
Kolade Jaiyesimi @pacegame Central Midfielder Reds FC
Musa Abdulrazaq @musamper Central Midfielder Reds FC
Bolaji Kuye @BORLARJEE Central Midfielder Royals FC
Sulieman @MoshoodSulayman Central Midfielder Citizens FC
Rukky Attacker Citizens FC
Martin @messifulmartin Attacker Citizens FC
Ake Ojo @akweezi Attacker Citizens FC
Sylvester Ighedosa @World_sly Attacker Royals FC
Eze Emmanuel @_Nuel88 Striker Royals FC
Doyin Ajibike @doyinbike Striker Citizens FC
Edgar Anyalogu @_itz_carta Striker Royals FC

For players to be voted into the Starting XI, each voter gets a chance to pick a player per primary position; Goal Keeper, Center Back, Fullback, Central Midfielder, Attacker & Striker.

To cast your vote, simply click on the name of your preferred candidate in a primary position after which you will be automatically taken to the next primary position.

After voting in each of the six categories, you can share your choice of vote to your friends on Facebook and/or Followers on Twitter by simply clicking the share button(s).

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