The Knights FC

Knight: noun - “a man devoted to the service of a cause”; “a man who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier in armor”.

The Knights FC (“The Kinghts”), originally known as the “The Rebels FC”, was established in 2015. It is a Lagos based amateur football club. At its inception, The Knights consisted of a small group of young professionals who played the game of football for the love of the sport, and as a form of healthy recreation. Our consistency towards this cause fuelled our desire to come together as a unit, embracing like-minded young talents to serve as soldiers in armour.

The Club has earned and maintained its significant goodwill from its participation and strong outings in the tournaments listed above, so much so that that it boasts a fan base of over 1000 people both on social media and in match support in only about a year, and continues to grow.

Our focus is on being a dominant force in semi-professional football in Nigeria in the near future as well as providing a great experience for our community and players, which includes fun football outings for the working class amongst us, and also a pathway for those that want to aim higher in terms of a career in football. We believe we have the heart, desire and skillset to continue our growth in a football loving city such as Lagos where we are perfectly placed to assist our prospective partners in growing their businesses, achieving outcomes and contributing to the community we serve.

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