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Issa Goal!!!

SociaLiga goal scoring moment

True fans understand the joy of having your team score a goal – you want to jump, dance, fly and go hug the goal-scorer if you can!

SociaLiga goal scoring moment

These guys cheering so wildly and excitedly make you wonder what the reaction of the team and goal scorer itself was after the ball hit the net. Maybe players of the team jumped on each other’s shoulders screaming “their fada!” Hehehe. Or maybe the scorer imitated Gabriel Batistuta and put a finger to his mouth telling the opposing team to be kwayet.

SociaLiga goal scoring moment

So many things must have happened on that field at that victory moment; and you can decide to be a part of such joyous experience the next time it happens. We’d love to see your own cheer and dance moves… or maybe you’ll take off your jacket shirt?

Don’t worry, iss allowed cos issa goal!

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