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If You’re Going To Talk: Talk About What You Do

Your service might be excellent, you might have the best product ever but if you’re unable to sell your market, your business would not be successful.

There are a lot of businesses yet to meet their top clients, there are a lot of clients in need of the services you provide, but unless the client is in dire need they won’t make an effort to look for you.

Some clients don’t even realise they need your services or your product exist. So how to you make the connection?

My answer is:

Keep moving, online, word of mouth. Any opportunity you have is an opportunity to talk about what you do.

Here are few ways:

Social Media: Explain to people in clear terms what you do. Follow accounts in your line of business or go ahead and search key words regarding your business.

Word of mouth: Talk about your business a lot! Infuse it in every conversation, you might not be talking to your target market but you might be talking to someone who knows a potential client.

Referrals: Reward your clients on every referral. No matter how small, might be a discount, thank you card or just a mini treat. But they would have you in mind.

Change: Some days meet your clients halfway, change your demography, appeal to a market outside your usual demography, the more informed people are about your business the more they are able to advertise you.

Personal branding: You need to tailor your life style to your business in such a way people immediately reach out to you about anything regarding your area of expertise.

By doing so you’re making your business the ‘go to’ brand, even though competition arises, you would always be the first point of contact before other competitors are contacted.

If you’re going to talk. Talk about what you do.

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