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Tunde Sofowora

Tunde Sofowora

DJ Showfz whose full names are Sofowora Olatunde started out as a lover of good music and a collector of tracks for personal listening. Back in the university days due to my ear for good music and knowing which songs/tracks to play after or complement the other tracks, friends encouraged me to look at the prospects of DJing. Played music in a few house and room parties back in Unilag but didn't see DJing as a career. As the love for music grew more and more i decided to go pro in 2014, so i contacted DJ Gunzee who's a radio DJ for City FM 105.1 to mentor me. i'm an old soul ( lover of 90s music). my style of DJIng is smooth transition and blending of tracks seamlessly across each other. i have released 8 mixes till date and the mixes can be listened to via the links below.

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