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Chef Obubu

Chef Obubu

Christine Obute Otigba professionally known as Chef Obubu; is an indigene of Anambra State but was born and raised in Lagos. She completed her Masters in International Business and Management in 2015 following her Bs.C in Policy and Strategic Studies from Covenant University in 2013. After a short period in 2016 as a Business developer, she left to be independent as a part-time business consultant and full time Chef. Since then she has carved her niche in the creative industries using food to the height of it's creativity, she is known for her creative food inventions and unique twists she gives to recipes, as well as her funny food stories which has made her popular on social media platforms, one of which is her “Jollof Tales”. As a Chef, she has partnered with several brands such as Otres Restaurant to create different food and dinner experiences, one of which is the popular Otres Experience. She also works with other brands creating food-related content such as the fun recipe videos seen online. Her work with Guinness has brought her into the limelight where she not only fed but taught the football legend Thierry Henry how to prepare the famous Nigerian Jollof rice. She is a Private Chef that specializes in private dinings, intimate dinners for her elite clients Her creativity with food and recipes is always refreshing; she has a way of blending and twisting indigenous and modern recipes together, making her recipes always exciting and unexpected. With every recipe and project, Chef Obubu puts her undoubtable best and the results show there are more unexploited possibilities within her.

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