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Ariana Grande Says “God is a Woman” – What Do You Think?

Ariana Grande Says "God is a Woman" - What Do You Think?

God is a woman! I have always been of the opinion that God is neither a man or a woman but can be both to whoever needs him to be what they want. This unpopular opinion of mine was captured aptly in the title of Ariana Grande’s latest single ‘God is a Woman’. This is the third single from her upcoming album, ‘Sweetener’, and we love it!

Ariana takes an overt jab at the obvious patriarchy in the Abrahamic religions; from a feminized version of a Sistine Chapel tableau where the male figures are all replaced with Ariana and other women to her making reference to the Greek primordial goddess of the earth, Gaea, to Ariana being Mother Nature and a reference to La Lupa Capitolina.Ariana Grande Says "God is a Woman" - What Do You Think?

Ariana also makes a case for the erasure of women in historical natives with several symbolic placements in the video; most notably when she adopts the pose of The Thinker which symbolizes philosophy and philosophers as a reference to the lack of female philosophers in historical contexts. She is also seen swimming in what seems to be a vagina, making reference to girl power. What more can we say? Ariana is becoming a woman and taking charge of her career.

Watch the video here…

Do you agree or disagree with Ariana?

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