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A Reminder

I wrote a letter to myself

I read it every morning

Or every time i forget
It’s okay to forget. But write it down.

Remind yourself

This is my reminder:

• Stop Procrastinating
• Stop giving excuses
• Work First
• Don’t be all words no action
• Plan
• Stick to plan
• Don’t let anyone bully you
• Demand what you want
• Stick to your demands
• Don’t sell yourself short
• Pity would get you no where
• Stop making Scenarios in your head
• Deliver
• Be happy. You don’t need a sob story
• Stay positive. Negative thoughts only fuel anger
• Pray. Don’t stop. Pray
• Don’t let the enemy poison your mind
• Seek help. Say sorry. Admit you’re at fault
• Stop waiting for something to happen
• Look out for yourself. First.
• If you’re not comfortable with something speak up
• Speak up. To them. Don’t rant to others or within yourself
• Be Firm
• Stay Alive.

What’s yours?


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